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As founder and executive director of the Fibromyalgia Coalition International, support group leader, and editor of Fibromyalgia Solutions magazine, I have read many books. This is among the best. People who are suffering with fibromyalgia can find real hope and real help inside these pages…

Yvonne Keeny Executive Director of the Fibromyalgia Coalition International

Autoimmune, The Cause and the Cure is an earth-shattering book for those who read it and put its wisdom into practice. ¬†Annesse Brockley and Kristin Urdiales have done a tremendous service to all who suffer from various ‘modern’ ailments. ¬†

Nancy Arey Autoimmune Sufferer

I truly encourage all physicians , autoimmune sufferers, and friends and family members of sufferers to read this book. The well documented research and evidence clearly showcases the possibility of using diet, activity, and other treatments as a pathway to alleviating autoimmune dysfunctions.

Jessica A. Blanco, M.D. Family Practitioner, University of Arizona

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