Baraka Neti Pot and Sea Salt Kit

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Baraka Neti Pot and Sea Salt Kit

The Neti Pot is an essential in any household for sinus infections, allergies, head colds, excess mucous or just feeling stuffed up. You may not want to do this in front of anyone because it certainly doesn’t look glamorous, but it is really effective. Add water and sea salt and gently pour though your nasal canals. Each nasal cleaning pot comes with complete instructions for its use, as well as in the creation of a saline solution. Made in the USA from heavy-duty, lead-free ceramic.

Use in the morning and at night approximately 2 hours before bedtime when you have a cold or sinus infection. Using it too close to bedtime can prevent sufficient drainage of the salt water, allowing it to pool in sinuses.

Tip: If using tap water in your neti pot boil at least 5 minutes and then allow to completely cool before putting in your neti pot. If using distilled water I usually just heat to a boil and then allow to completely cool.

$21.95 for Neti Pot and Sea Salts