My Story: Christina R.

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Today we are going to meet Christina. 

I met Christina and her husband on my first speaking tour to Wyoming.  Before meeting her I had no idea that she had read the book or that she had taken the ball and run with it!  She jumped right into making kefir, sauerkraut, bone broths and more.  Her results have been remarkable and she has helped so many others begin their journey with these healing foods.  Christina has also started a local group called Nourishing the Basin dedicated to making these healthful foods more available in her area. –Kristin

Over the past 15 years I have been diagnosed with one thing after another. I was beginning to think I was a walking Merck manual; GERD, Celiac, Fibromyalgia, Sjögren’s, PCOS, just to name a few.

Every time a new diagnosis came along, one or two more pills were added to my regimen. I was taking so many pills that I had a big basket that I kept them all in just so I could keep track of them all. I was really in despair and felt like my life was over at 34.

I was alive but felt dead.

I was tired and in pain 24/7 and my kids couldn’t even hug me because it hurt so much. I was taking 4 hour naps every day. I knew this was no way to live. I knew I needed to change something.

When I was 15 I watched a documentary about a CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation). It showed how they slaughtered the cows and all of the disgusting practices they used. I was turned off to meat right there. I quit eating it completely for 10 years but slowly added in a little poultry and fish over the next 10.

I thought I was eating healthy.

Vegetarianism and limited protein intake were considered a healthy lifestyle. I assumed I was doing everything right, but my body was betraying me. After reading this book and learning how I should be eating I realized I was betraying my body and it wasn’t performing because of the foods that I put into it.

The trouble with our modern society is that we have been “educated” into believing we are eating a healthful diet. But the awful truth is that we have lost the knowledge of what it means to eat healthful foods.

I read the book Autoimmune: The Cause and the Cure in January of 2012. I immediately went off all of my medications (My husband is a pharmacist and he said it was okay… I don’t recommend that course of action for everyone). I started drinking raw milk and lacto-fermenting my foods.autoimmune-250x250

Raw fermented sauerkraut has been a mainstay in my diet. I always eat it with any protein that I consume. I attribute sauerkraut with healing my GERD. As long as I eat it I have no problems with acid or reflux.

I feel better than I have in years. I have much more energy. My naps tapered down from every day to every other day until I was having to take fewer and fewer. Now I probably have to nap once a week or once every other week.

I am a better mom because I can spend time with my kids. My body isn’t in constant pain from fibromyalgia. I am truly amazed that such changes can take place in so short a period of time. My friends, family and even my neighbors have remarked on the change in me. I am so thankful for my farmer who gave me this book.

I’m thankful for the authors who put in all the time to research and lay out the information in an organized and thorough fashion. I love that they have included all the research in this book. I saw improvement in only three weeks and I’ve just kept getting better and better! Some people ask if I’m 100% better. I am not. I have 34 years of damage to undo. We can’t expect to be better overnight but I now have hope that 100% better is in my future!

I have discovered that there are 4 things I need to have every single day in order to feel good. If I don’t get one of them I feel tired but if I don’t get two my fibro symptoms come raging back.

These four things are: raw fermented sauerkraut, bone broth, milk kefir, and fermented cod liver oil/butter oil. It is a bonus that I feel even better when I include other fermented foods in my diet and I’ve figured out that you can ferment almost anything! I have lacto fermented ketchup, mayonnaise, vegetables, dips, and I even make my own lacto fermented soda!

Last year Kristin came to our town and gave a presentation on the book and afterward my husband remarked, “She really knows her stuff!” I agree! She explains it so beautifully and makes it easy for people to understand what is happening in their bodies.

If anyone ever tells you there is no cure for autoimmune, I hope you will challenge them to read this book. If you are suffering, I hope you will read this book and get started right away. There is no reason for anyone to suffer anymore!

Thank you Christina for sharing your story with us! Please give Christina a warm welcome in the comments.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story, Christina. If you don’t mind, I would like to share your success on the Scleroderma Board I am on. A few of us are following this same protocol and perhaps more will become inspired to try it once they “hear” of your story. Keep up the great work and hope to hear more of your success as time goes by.

  2. I am so excited to buy my pounder and let the gingering /fermenting begin!
    I am new to this, however, want to learn more recipes. Do you have a website or facebook to follow for recipes.
    Thank you!

  3. Christina, I am so glad you were able to alleviate your symptoms with eating the way this book is telling you to. Now I have a story to tell. I was going thru what you were going thru, going to dr. after dr. for over 12 years trying to find out what was going on. The pain could get overwhelming, constantly tired, sleeping my life away when i wasn’t at work. Then one day i woke up swollen up very badly! I couldnt get my shoes on or barely stand to put on clothes, so i drank a lot of water thinking that was the problem, then went to the dr the next day when it did not help. He took one look at me and started asking questions. He gave me a script then set me up with a cardiologist. I was going thru congestive heart failure! I had a stress test, failed it, then a heart cath, failed it badly. I had 4 clogged arteries around my heart only one was working the way it should be. They went from 75% to 100% clogged. The pain that they thought was GERD, was my Carotid artery on my left side, 70% clogged, the right is 50%, so far. I have ended up with a triple by-pass, nothing they can do with the one that is 75% cause it is too small to work with. All this time I was having classic heart-disease symptoms. Started back when I was 16 and falling asleep in class, and not being able to stay awake if I was sitting for too long. I had my surgery Jan. 8, 2013. I am 47 yrs old. Why did they overlook the heart- disease symptoms? Because I was so young. By the time they looked at my heart, they said that they only see something that bad in the older people, meaning 65-80 yr olds. Both my parents died of heart disease, my mama was only 42. Why am I writing this to you? You have started out right, taking your health care into your own hands. When I read your symptoms I wanted to cry because I had the same. Now go to your dr. and demand a stress test to see how it comes out before too much longer. Please. Heart-disease is the #1 killer of women because the dr’s can’t see past age.

  4. Hi Christina and Kristin,
    Thanks to Kristin and Autoimmune the Cause and the Cure, I met Christina and have become good friends with her. We share stories and cheese! Because of Kristin making one of her visits to Wyoming and staying a day or two with us on her tour, besides feeling like she (Kristin) is one of our family, we too are fermenting more and more of our food. I think we will continue to become healthier and healthier as we go. Not that the road is never bumpy because it is. When you begin taking your health into your own hands it is hard at times. Part of my trouble is too many irons in the fire(like right now I have to be somewhere else in less than 5 minutes) and never get to really finish or do justice to one project, and as care givers we sometimes put ourselves on the back burner. I have had a spot on my foot for over five years, dry itchy, sore raw and nasty at times, it is spreading now to other places and I feel something is trying to get out. The fermented foods have helped my digestion so much that finally other things are waking up and my other organs are not being compromised as much as my largest organ the skin is. But what a struggle to try and figure out what’s going on! I am struggling but working slowly through just one more process to wellness. Thank you Kristin and Annesse for your dedication, kowledge and determination to find health.

  5. Hi Christina,
    I am so glad you are on the road to recovery. There are so many people out there who are sick and they do not take changing their diet seriously. I hope you are feeling better! It would be great to hear back from you after 6 months or a year to get a “progress report”!
    Karie K.

  6. What an awesome story! I understand wanting to get it out there.

    It’s amazing how many people there are out there who have no hope. I was a person without hope myself!

  7. Hey Christina,
    So glad to read you have found a nutritious answer! I am on the same journey. My Fibromyalgia symptoms have been helped by going gluten-free, eating properly (have not added fermented foods yet,) and especially taking 200 to 400mg of Magnesium Glycinate with dinner. I go to bed and sleep now with no pain. First time in 30 years! It seems to help a great deal with the spine degeneration from ageing too.

    1. Hi Lynn,

      I am glad you are already making some progress with your fibromyalgia symptoms. Gluten is protein and fibromyalgia sufferers have lost the ability to break down proteins due to a lack of enzymes. Additionally our food contains so much more gluten (about 40x more) than traditional heirloom wheat varieties.

      We published our second book this year Fibromyalgia The Cause And The Cure. It looks at the disease pathway in fibromyalgia including the lack of enzymes and how to replace these enzymes through diet. Here is the link to it on Amazon

      Thanks for your comment and have a good weekend, Kristin

  8. Christina,

    My story mirrors yours! I am so happy for you! We currently have an Autoimmune support group in Colorado Springs and are eager to help others. I also eat grass-fed meats, raw milk cheese, and free-range chicken/eggs with my sauerkraut.

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