Why Do I Get Headaches Around My Period?

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The idea for this blog post came from a reader who emailed us. She has had great success using the diet to mitigate the symptoms of her fibromyalgia. She is no longer taking any medications, she is in much less pain, sleeping less during the day and overall is doing much better.

One lingering symptom she has, though, is horrible migraines every month around her period. When I used to get a lot of headaches, they were always worse in frequency and pain level around my menstrual cycle and even now if I get a headache (that isn’t from being hunched over my computer), it is almost always around my period.


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The inability to achieve a refreshing night’s sleep is often one of the chief complaints of someone with an autoimmune disease. No matter how fatigued you become, it just seems as if your body has lost its ability to drift off into a peaceful and restorative nights rest.

Sound refreshing sleep depends on your body’s ability to digest proteins and release essential amino acids. One of the major regulators of the sleep-wake cycle is the hormone melatonin.