From Our Medicine Cabinet: Treating Headaches….Naturally

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Extreme fatigue and headaches were the forerunners announcing that both my and my mother’s health was on a rapid downhill slide.
As a teenager, when my diet consisted of fast-food nearly every day for lunch, I was getting 3 to 4 headaches a week and they often turned into debilitating migraines. My vision was often affected and there were times that all I could do was go home and go to bed. I was taking ibuprofen constantly.
My mother’s headaches were even worse, sometimes a migraine would be triggered by simply bending over to pick something up. Often, she would wake up in the morning with a headache that would last for days.
If you are an autoimmune sufferer then you are most likely intimately acquainted with headaches too.

My Story: Sheri

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Today we are going to meet Sheri. Sheri is my sister-in-law and mother to my adorable niece and nephew-Siena and Aucencio. Sheri grew up as an avid dancer. She has always been an active person. Her and her husband Aaron like to hike, ski, and go camping. After the birth of her son, however, Sheri suffered with some serious health issues. Like many of us it affected her to the point where she felt like it was changing the type of wife and mother she could be. I am happy to say now that Sheri’s health continues to improve as she makes changes to her diet. She has also added running to her list of activities and even did a half marathon. I will let her tell you the rest of the story. —- ~Kristin

From Our Medicine Cabinet: Herbal Bitters

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It is no doubt that the things that have had the greatest impact on improving our digestion and therefore our overall health are whole unprocessed foods. Foods like raw fermented sauerkraut, bone broth, and raw milk kefir. However, in our fast-paced lives, these foods don’t always travel well and believe me, I’ve tried!
So, to help support our digestion when we are away on vacation or simply away from the house all day, we have included Herbal Bitters in our routine.

My Story: Kate

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My Story: Kate
Although I have not been a fan of conventional medicine for many, many years, I was not very careful about how I cared for my body or what I ate, and didn’t take preventive measures to keep myself healthy. It all came back to bite me when I was diagnosed with cancer.