Why Do I Get Headaches Around My Period?

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The idea for this blog post came from a reader who emailed us. She has had great success using the diet to mitigate the symptoms of her fibromyalgia. She is no longer taking any medications, she is in much less pain, sleeping less during the day and overall is doing much better.

One lingering symptom she has, though, is horrible migraines every month around her period. When I used to get a lot of headaches, they were always worse in frequency and pain level around my menstrual cycle and even now if I get a headache (that isn’t from being hunched over my computer), it is almost always around my period.

My Story: Christina R.

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Today we are going to meet Christina.

I met Christina and her husband on my first speaking tour to Wyoming. Before meeting her I had no idea that she had read the book or that she had taken the ball and run with it! She jumped right into making kefir, sauerkraut, bone broths and more. Her results have been remarkable and she has helped so many others begin their journey with these healing foods. Christina has also started a local group called Nourishing the Basin dedicated to making these healthful foods more available in her area. –Kristin

From Our Medicine Cabinet-Herbal First Aid Kit

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I have never sat down and planned what to have on hand for our family first aid kit or what to take with us on vacation, but over the years, we have a few things that have become essential and have been life-savers in some pretty harry situations. Having some key things on hand and knowing how to use them can often keep small things from escalating into a trip to the doctor’s office or hospital.